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Iddi Platform works with its reforestation teams throughout Quebec.

A reforester plants an average of 2,000 trees per day • Specially designed vehicles are used to deliver the seedlings close to the workers.

Reforestation is an operation that involves restoring or creating wooded areas or forests that have been harvested or destroyed by natural causes, including forest fires. The afforestation or forest massifs thus recreated can generate long-term benefits. They are also potentially carbon sinks, if they do not burn repeatedly.

From mid-May to the end of September each year, reforestation operations at Iddi Platform allow dozens of workers to help the forest grow healthy. The reforestation workers carry boxes full of young plants with their harness and, using their extractor, they place the seedlings in the ground.

Reforestation services available

  • Restocked from the trail
  • Reforestation of all types of plants
  • Reforestation of all tree species

Reforestation is not just a summer job, it is an experience.

Whether it is to make a little money during the summer, to pay for studies or to save for a trip, planting trees remains a great alternative for the motivated people of this world. Some people even make a profession out of it!

Before embarking on the adventure with your eyes closed, you should know that it is a demanding job. Indeed, we work with mosquitoes and we don’t stop when it rains. Camp life can be long, but everyone finds their place. However, it will be very important to maintain good morale throughout the season to get through.

Of course, reforestation is not just about difficulties, it is for example a great way to escape the city and enjoy nature. It is also possible to raise a good amount of money if you complete the season, insofar as you quickly learn the basic concepts which will allow you to maximize your return. It should be noted that this work is paid by the piece, so the more you plant, the more you earn. In addition, planting some 2000 trees a day and expending more than 6000 calories will keep you as fit as training for a marathon!

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

When does the season start?

  • It all depends on the weather and land availability.
  • In general, the season begins towards the end of May.
  • Usually, a reforestation season at Iddi Platform lasts between 15 and 20 weeks, ending around mid-September.

How does transportation work?

  • The meeting place is predetermined. Usually at the Iddi Platform office located in Laterrière, Saguenay.
  • The date and time are always to be validated with your supervisor.
  • Transport is done by minibus and/or van. Transportation is free.
  • You will be transported from the assembly point to the camp site, and from the camp site to the work site.

How does accommodation and food work?

  • You are staying in forest camps, outfitters or motels.
  • All you have to do is bring your bedding (sheets, sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries).
  • Food is provided to you (3 meals a day) in the establishments where you will be staying.
  • The cost for accommodation and food is $55.00 per week.

What is the working week?

  • It all depends on the location of the contract on which you will be assigned. 2 options are available:
    • Mainly our contracts are on a schedule of 9 days worked and 5 days off
    • Occasionally we use a schedule of 4 days worked and 3 days off.
  • The schedule may change depending on the production objectives of the team.

What is the usual work schedule?

  • Workdays usually start around 6 a.m.
  • You have to wake up around 5:00 a.m., in order to have breakfast, make your lunch and get to work.
  • The day ends around 4 p.m. and you are back at camp for dinner around 5 p.m.… after a good shower!

*Certain factors could change the schedule such as the temperature, a stop for forest fires, the conditions of access to the reforestation site, the availability of trees to be reforested or a delay on the contract. 


How much do we get paid?

  • You are paid by production, that is to say the number of plants planted.
  • The more compliant trees you plant (according to established guidelines), the more it pays.
  • The rates of the tree depend on the type of plant reforested (45-110, 67-50, 36-200, PFD or bare roots), the type of land to be reforested (full reforestation or replenished with a path) and the presence of natural regeneration.
  • Rates normally vary according to productivity, between 9.5¢ and 18.0¢ in scarified ground.
  • Employees who have maintained an average quality above 90% throughout the season will be paid a bonus of 0.5¢ per tree for all trees planted at the end of the contract. However, he will have to finish the contract with the team to take advantage of it.

How can you make money on average in a day?

  • The average gain is $150 to $300 per day depending on experience.
  • Several factors play a big role in your income:
    • The terrain greatly influences your daily production
    • The experience
    • Work hours
    • physical condition
    • The determination
    • The work ethic.

When do we get paid?

  • Every week by bank deposit, paid on Thursday for the caisses and Friday for the banks.
  • Please expect a two (2) week wait at the start.
    Example: Start of employment on May 20, 2019, the first deposit will be made on June 6.

What equipment should we get?

This list is simply to give you a general idea of ​​what you are going to need on your journey through the forest. Not all items are required but generally highly recommended. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask your superior or whoever will hire you. This list can also be a memory aid for an elder!

Reforestation equipment recommended

  • Shovel/extractor*
  • Sleeve (67/45/113)*
  • Harness with bells or pockets*
  • Screwdriver and 7/16 wrench (to change your 45 and 67 sockets)
  • Backpack (Ideally quite waterproof and resistant)
  • Solid water bottle(s) (which don’t leak when put upside down and which fit well in your backpack. Think you will have to drag at least 4-6L of water) * Note that we can do
    the purchase of planting equipment appropriate to our contracts. Simply mention your needs to your supervisor and we will then deduct them directly from your pay.

Mandatory safety equipment

  • Steel cap boots (a second pair is not a luxury)
  • Hard hat (construction type, CSA approved)
  • Safety glasses ((if necessary, ask the supervisor)
  • Epipen (If you have allergies)


  • Warm clothes that breathe (note that wool stays warm even when wet)
  • Athletic wear
  • Rain suit (Must be very resistant!!)
  • Cap/toque
  • Enough socks and underwear for the run (Not always access to a washing machine)
  • Solid gloves that hug the hand (several pairs)
  • Note that it is not possible to plant in shorts or a tank top.

Items that will save your day

  • Duct Tape
  • More Duct Tape
  • Fly Oil (Watkins)
  • Solar cream
  • Felt pen
  • Pocket knife
  • Show
  • Aspirins (and the necessary for your personal health)
  • Napkin
  • Tupperware (to avoid crushing your sandwiches)
  • Bedding (pillow, sheets, blanket, etc.)


  • years of reforestation

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