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We are carrying out projects in forest management.

Proud of our 5 years of experience, Iddi-Platform is a forest management firm based in the province of Quebec.

During Summer seasons, Iddi-Platform employs more than 100 forest workers on various forest management projects across the province of Quebec.



One of our main goals is to help the forest evolve and meet the needs of its owner and the environment. Since its creation, Iddi-Platform has been recognized for its professionalism.

Our multidisciplinary team relies on its tree planters and its forest tree arborist team to ensure the realization of a variety of projects.

Services offered by Iddi-Platform include site preparation, reforestation, brush clearing in addition to forest tree cutting.

Iddi-Platform meets the standards of forest management. This proves our commitment to the environment and to responsible and sustainable forest management.

For more information, please contact a member of our team.


Our mission

To lay out forest resources everywhere in the province of Quebec assisted by a qualified, skilled and united workforce.


Our vision

To be a leader in forest layout via efficient operations, a rewarding organizational culture and through caring for the wellbeing and safety of its workforce.


Our values

.To perform in the realization of our operations
.To deliver superior quality work
.To enhance the safety of operations

Our Environmental Policies

Iddi Platform is actively engaging in delivering specialized services in forestry through approaches focused on the wellbeing of the ecosystem and through the constant betterment of the methods used for each of our interventions as well as their implementation and monitoring.

Therefore,Iddi Platform grants a special care to an ecologically aware risk management resulting from its forest-related activities and also to the sensitization of its employees from other fields. Furthermore, Iddi Platform aspires to the harmonization of its relationship with other actors of the industry.

The public awareness for the need of a strong environmental management positively influences Iddi Platform in its commitments and its eagerness to integrate an environmental management system recognized by the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks in its daily operations.

Voici comment s’exprime le PARI qu’endossent la direction et le personnel de Iddi Platform  (french only):

  • P : PROTECTION de l’environnement
  • A : AMÉLIORATION continue
  • R : RESPECT des exigences légales et autres exigences
  • I : INTÉGRATION de pratiques responsables

Reboitech meets the following norms as referenced in the annual certifications received after audits and inspections. They support our commitment towards environment and sustainable forest management practices as referenced:

  • Norme CEAF, Certification des entreprises d’aménagement forestier
  • Norme PGES, Pratiques de gestion des entreprise sylvicoles
  • REBOITECH Reboitech is also an active member of the l’AETSQ, l’Association des entrepreneurs en travaux sylvicoles du Québec

Protection • Amelioration • Respect • Integration


Private and public forests

Iddi Platform carries out its works in Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean region. Its main office is located in the city of Greenfield Park, QC.



Improve the setup of the forest ecosystem

More (french only)


Iddi Platform works with his tree planting teams everywhere in Quebec.

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Improve the setup of the forest ecosystem

More (french only)


Iddi Platform works with his tree planting teams everywhere in Quebec.

More (french only)


Iddi Platform


Planteur/Reboiseur – Tree planters

Livreur au reboisement – Forestry delivery worker


Débroussailleur – Tree cutter worker


Contremaître forestier – Forestry supervisor


Our projects

Pictures of our team working in the forest


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