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Better management of the forest ecosystem

Thanks to Arbrio software, the Iddi Platformteam is a management agent for supply contracts (CAAF) for several processing manufacturers. The new rules imposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife (MRNF) require us to adapt planning to the principles of ecosystem management. 


The key to optimized procurement

A conductor is at work

Forest management is the art of harmonizing the resources of the natural environment. Iddi Platform makes every effort to offer a wide range of strategies that are perfectly adapted to the resources of the forest.

Our versatile and efficient team has and masters the knowledge of the laws, regulations and standards required to carry out tailor-made interventions on time.

We constantly cultivate this knowledge and we use this knowledge to offer you forest management that will go beyond your expectations.

Services available

  • Sustainable forest management
  • Preparation of plans and reports
  • Supply Management
  • Environmental management
  • Outsourcing of silviculture work
  • Planning prescription
  • Follow-up of silvicultural work
  • Monitoring of forest operations


A real-time diagnostic on the state of the resource

Data at your fingertips

To effectively manage the forest resource, Iddi Platform relies on an essential element: knowledge of the territory.

This knowledge begins with a suitably prepared team that collects on the ground most of the physical, biophysical and human data present in a territory.

The data collected allows managers to take an objective look and formulate a diagnosis of the state of the resource.

Services available

  • Knowledge, analysis and interpretation of the territory
  • Development diagnosis
  • Multi-resource inventory
  • Intervention inventory (before and after cutting)
  • Inventory of silvicultural work
  • Forest inventory
  • Hammering
  • Viewpoints


Processing and analysis at the same address

Precision and performance

Geomatics is the essential complement to forest management, knowledge of the territory as well as studies and reports.

Equipped with tools at the cutting edge of technology, Iddi Platform creates tailor-made geomatics interfaces adapted to your needs.

Our wide range of services allow you to optimize your management and planning work.

Services available

  • Landscape analysis
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Spatial analysis
  • Cartography and digitization of maps
  • Watershed study
  • GPS measurement
  • Orthorectification of aerial photographs

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