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With our experienced and dynamic forest workers, we replant and brush cut trees – We follow instruction and exceed expectations

One of the main goals at Iddi Platform is to help forest evolve and match the need of its owner and environment. Since its foundation, Iddi Platform is recognized as a renowned partner for its know-how and professionalism.

Multidisciplinary, Iddi Platform team counts on forest engineers, geomatics technicians as well as forest technicians to ensure the realization of a diversity of projects.

Services offered by Iddi Platform

include site preparation, reforestation, stand education and brushcutting in addition to working planification, forest ecosystem management and completion of sylvicultural projects.

Iddi Platform meets the norms in place, as yearly certifications received following audits and inspections attest. These vouch for our commitment to the environment and to a responsible and durable forest planning.

Communicate with a member ofIddi Platform team for further information.


Our mission

To lay out forest resources everywhere in the province of Quebec assisted by a qualified, skilled and united workforce.


Our vision

To be a leader in forest layout via efficient operations, a rewarding organizational culture and through caring for the wellbeing and safety of its workforce.


Our values

.To perform in the realization of our operations
.To deliver superior quality work
.To enhance the safety of operations

Our projects

Pictures of our team working in the forest


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